Junior Golf Hub


JGH is a web-based application platform offering a variety of content resources and software features that directly benefit the golfer, the golfer’s family, the golfer’s extended team i.e. coaches, instructors, and others. JGH offers management and insight analytics to the organizations that support and promote junior competitive golfers - in this case, the NGPDF national organization.


All groups of NGPDF member athletes will receive full access to the Junior Golf Hub platform made available through a customized, NGPDF portal to begin their experience. Demoing and Tutorial Appointments to be made available for each “Golfer Unit” to ensure seamless onboarding and high operative understanding of how to use JGH as an NGPDF member. Online and in-person appointments will review “Profile, Tournaments, College, and Education” suites available in the Junior Golf Hub, collectively “JGH features”. Method of Account Provisioning will be determined following a brief “pilot” period wherein JGH and NGPDF will closely monitor the onboarding process for a primary group of “Golfer Units” to discover best practices. NGPDF data and participant information will not be used without the approval of the NGPDF or parents of the NGPDF member.


PDI Assessments - NGPDF athletes will undergo periodic Player Development Index (PDI) assessments to capture and track development progress. PDI will be conducted, at a minimum, bi-annually (additional reviews will be considered on an “as needed: basis). GYR (green-yellow-red) reports will be stored in each member’s JGH account to ensure insight into the evolving strengths and weaknesses of each NGPDF athlete. This information will be made visible to the athlete, their parents, their coaches, and the Board.

Additional Instruction Opportunities

NGPDF has formed partnerships with GolfTec and PGA TOUR Superstores to support quality instruction and provide access to indoor facilities and swing analysis equipment. Additionally, all NGPDF members receive access to OnForm, a video mobile swing analysis application. Finally, we have associations with mental and physical development professionals to support our member’s full development.