At NGPDF, we are committed to molding the exceptional golf players of tomorrow. We provide young minority golfers with the support and resources they need to further excel in the sport. National Golf Player Development Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that was established to create additional funding sources.

About Mark Lowry, the Founder


Developing a Youth Golf Training Program

His success with creating a player development system was well documented in the mid-‘90s. In 1995, he was selected to create and launch the Chicago Public Schools’ elementary school training program to feed a struggling high school team program.

The Program’s Success

In three years, more than forty elementary schools were offering after-school golf instruction. The program also grew from 9 of the CPS system’s 73 high schools to more than 30 that competed and advanced from city to regional and state-level competitions.

Joining a Youth Development Organization

In 1998, Lowry joined The First Tee where he held positions in senior leadership for 20 years.

Lowry played a key role in developing the strategies that would guide the development and operations of the organization from a concept to a nationally recognized youth golf development organization. As Vice President of Network Management, Mark oversaw the development and support of the organization’s eight national regions and over 150 network chapters. These experiences gave rise to National Golf Player Development Foundation (NGPDF).

Why He Helps Young Minority Golfers

Lowry says:

“The time has come to support the efforts of the players, parents, organizations, and institutions that are working to deepen the competitive player pool of POC. NGPDF, through its efforts to secure individual, corporate, and industry funding resources and developmental partnerships, will identify deserving POC and provide support to individuals, programs, and institutions that equally share the goal to increase the competitive player pool representing minority communities.” –Mark N. Lowry, Founder

Our Board of Directors

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Mark Lowry – Founder and President – Retired

Dwayne Staton – Treasurer – Retired
Steve Outlaw, PGA – Secretary – Troon Golf
Jim Beatty – Board Member – Jim Beatty Golf Ventures, LLC
Mary Richardson-Lowry – Board Member – Philanthropist and Entrepreneur
William "Bill" Pearson – Board Member – HR Executive (Retired)
Jeannette A. Gerald – Board Member – Business Development Executive & Entreprenuer

Our Advisory Board Members

  • Tracy Raoul – Jackson Park Golf Association
  • Craig Kirby – Golf, My Future, My Game
  • Dr. Michael Cooper, Ph.D. – Advocates Pro Golf Association
  • LaJean Gould – Women in Golf Foundation
  • Michael Lowe – Youth on Course
  • Sam Puryear – Howard University Golf Coach
  • Gus Vital – Player Parent
  • Jamie Taylor - LPGA, Black Golf Directory
  • Dion Madkins – Hit It Straight Golf Academy
  • Kennie Sims - PGA of America

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