"NGPDF's support is very important to me and I am very grateful. Your contribution to my tournament expenses have been tremendous. As a junior golfer that travels a lot, your reimbursement program is valuable."

~ Vivian Lott, NGPDF Member


"NGPDF is a valuable resource that supports junior golfers like myself. My family and I truly appreciate the support, guidance and assistance this organization provides."

~ Ashley Shaw, NGPDF Member


"NGPDF is a great foundation that we can say is truly going above and beyond to help junior golfers have access to facilities that will help develop parts of their game that will help them reach the next level with hard work and dedication."

~ Ariel Collins, NGPDF Member


"NGPDF can assist me with my goals by continuing to open doors of opportunities through sponsors and visual exposure. The more companies and people that see me golf and follow my progress in the game can only improve my game as I get more experience and more on and off the course coaching."

~ Terrence Blevins Jr., NGPDF Member


"NGPDF has been a game changer for Max and his team. We have learned so much about competitive golf with our interaction with NGPDF. We had no idea of the levels of competition on the golf tour. We had little knowledge of how to prepare to play at a high level. NGPDF continues to provide us with information to help in so many valuable ways. The resources we have received are greatly appreciated. Max has been able to compete in 18 different tournaments in and out of state. Each tournament he had an opportunity to play his first ever practice rounds because of the funding by NGPDF. Through NGPDF partnership with the Golf Performance Center we have received over 20 hours of instruction, custom- ized club fitting, 30 plus hours of physical conditions training and access to a sport psychologist. We are truly blessed to be a member of the program. Max's golf journey is bright because of NGPDF."

~ James Thompson, NGPDF Member Parent


"We really enjoy the program because it is giving our kids opportunity to become better Golfers."

~ Yumiko Benford, NGPDF Member Parent

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"We think the NGPDF is exactly what we needed. A wonderful organization doing amazing things with our youth."

~ Shon Treadwell, NGPDF Member Parent