Supporting Efforts to Create More Competitive Minority Golfers

National Golf Player Development Foundation (NGPDF) will support aspiring golfers achieve their dreams. We provide young male and female people of color with financial support and services to develop their competitive golf playing skills.

North Star

NGPDF strives to significantly elevate the golf playing ability of young people of color. To do this, we will provide viable funding for platforms that foster flourishing partnerships that promote a player’s skill development.


Ashley Shaw, AZ


Max Thompson, NY

Mission Statement

The mission of National Golf Player Development Foundation, “To Provide Unprecedented Funding Opportunities to Programs That Provide Skill Development and Playing Opportunities to Young People of Color and Connect Them With Premier Experiences in Competitive Golf.”

Vision Statement

Our vision is “To Inspire Young People of Color to Become Purpose-driven Players of the Game of Golf.”


Ariel Collins, GA

What We Do

The features and benefits of NGPDF include:

  • Supporting the development of skilled, competitive male and female golfers of color
  • Connecting aspiring golfers of color with instructors and development programs in their local community
  • Assist in connecting competitive golfers of color with programs and tournaments that will advance their developmental skills at strategic competitive levels that include junior, high school, collegiate, and professional golf
  • Collaborate with support resources to educate parents, coaches, and instructors involved with the development of competitive golfers of color

Who We Help

NGPDF will provide funding to:

  • Grassroots programs that have golf skill development components, which include instruction and tournament participation
  • HBCU colleges and universities to support player development initiatives and tournament-related fees
  • Individual players at the junior (ages 7-14), high school (ages 15-18), collegiate (ages 19-22), and early professional career (ages 23-26) levels

Improve Your Competitive Skills.

Nurture the competitive golfer in you. Reach out to us today for more information. Our office is located in Gilbert, Arizona.